Academic Advising

We help you make sense of the post-secondary system and develop the skills to navigate your academic path:

  • personalized advice
  • stay on track
  • education planning
  • course selection
  • course transfer
  • & more

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Meet the Team

If you are an international student, please contact Camosun International.

How an advisor can help

Academic advisors are the Camosun program and post-secondary experts.

An academic advisor can help you read between the lines, understand program requirements, transfer credits, plan your education path and more!

Help is available throughout your post-secondary journey

If you're just starting your college education

We can help you understand post-secondary culture and terminology. We can look at Camosun programs with you to navigate the related course descriptions, prerequisites and course progression.

Once you've applied to Camosun...

After you have applied and your previous educational experience has been assessed by Admissions, we can assist you with the skills to develop your own plan to meet your educational goal whether that is to enter a specific Camosun program or to transfer into another school's degree program. If you have attended additional post-secondary institutions and have had that work assessed for transfer credit, academic advisors can give guidance on the applicability and usability of the transferred course work towards your educational goals. 

If you're currently a Camosun student

We can help you with all of the above, plus help you choose appropriate elective or required courses for your current and future programs. We can assist with determining which courses are needed to complete your credential. We can help you understand how to use the BC Transfer Guide for Camosun program requirements or for research toward future transfer to university.

Transfer to another school

Academic advisors are your guides to transitioning to other colleges or universities. We provide detailed information to help you plan your transfer to a specific program at the University of Victoria.

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BC Transfer Guide

To help you understand what it means to “transfer” check out the BC Transfer Guide.