Help Centres

Help Centres provide support for all levels of coursework in any subject. We offer one-on-one tutoring, tips and tools and a dedicated quiet space to work on your own or in groups.

Our Help Centres will offer the options of face-to-face or online appointments. Learn about our many Help Centres and how to book an appointment.

Improve your academic skills

English Upgrading

Support for all students taking self-paced ENGL 021 to ENGL 070 courses and those taking in-classes courses ENGL 070 to ENGL 142.

English Language Development (ELD/ESL)

Support for multilingual and international students enrolled in ELD 010 to ELD 105. 

100-Level to 500-Level courses

One on one support for all students taking 100+ level courses in all subjects 


From math basics to advanced calculus to trades-specific skills, there's a Math Lab & Help Centre for you. Refresh your math skills, work on your math assignments with our support or get tutoring on specific topics.


From science basics to advanced topics, there's a Help Centre for you. Refresh your skills, work on your assignments with our support, or get tutoring in physics, biology and chemistry.

Writing Centres

At Camosun's Writing Centres, you'll learn effective writing strategies and gain valuable skills to help you write well in college. You'll learn to approach writing as a process or series of steps: planning, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading.

Need a hand?

biology tutoring

The Help Centers offers free one-on-one tutoring and writing support to Camosun students at all levels.

Help Centres FAQs

Who works in the Help Centres?

All of our tutors have a Bachelor’s degree and several years of teaching and/or tutoring experience. Most also have teaching credentials and/or a Master’s degree. They’re all highly skilled in assisting you with your course work. Their job title is Instructional Assistant, or IA, for short.

Can I visit the Help Centres without asking a question or seeing a tutor?

If you’d like to use the room simply to study or to use the computer, printer, or photocopier, please feel free. You can bring your lunch or help yourself to our tea station where available.

Can I visit a Help Centre on a different campus?

Yes, if you are a student attending classes at Lansdowne, Interurban, off-campus partner sites, or online you are welcome to use services and facilities at both campuses.

How many questions can I ask at a time?

You can ask one or many, depending on how many other students are waiting for help and how much the IA thinks it is best to work on at once.

If I miss a class, will the Instructional Assistant teach me the lesson I missed?

No, teaching an entire lesson is not possible. If you miss a class, contact your instructor for notes or information on what was covered. The IA and instructor can provide support, but it is your responsibility to learn the material.

Can I get help with homework?

Yes, for graded homework, IAs can provide help at their discretion. In these cases, it’s best to come with mostly completed work about which you have very specific questions. Otherwise, the IAs are happy to discuss concepts and practice questions from your textbook. 

Can you tell me what grade I might receive on my assignment?

No, please approach your instructor regarding any concerns about grading.

Can I eat or drink in the Help Centres?

Yes, please be respectful of others by choosing quiet snacks with little to no odour and by cleaning up after yourself. Food should be kept away from computers and drink should be in a closed cup.

Can I talk or use a phone?

Feel free to quietly discuss homework with others, but general chatting or cell phone use should be taken outside.

Is there a printer?

There are no student printers in the math help centres or labs, though you can print (for a fee) from any networked computer or personal wireless device using the PaperCut cloud-based system.

students working in a  private study room in the library

Learn study skills

Looking to brush up on your learning and study skills?   Book an appointment with a Learning Specialist today!