Indigenous Student Services

Find your way and feel like you belong – with our help

A journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet. Some of you may be coming from near or far and may wish to seek various supports to enter college and during your studies to ensure a successful and healthy time with us.

Indigenous Advisors

Coming to college is a big step. Indigenous Advisors are here to help you both before and after you become a Camosun student by providing educational financial and cultural support. Request an appointment through our Indigenous Advisor contact form.

Educational support - If you are thinking about coming to Camosun, an Indigenous Advisor can provide information and advice about Camosun programs offered on-campus and in two local Indigenous communities. To help you reach your goals, we'll create an education plan and then continue to offer support once you become a student.

Financial support - An Indigenous Advisor can help navigate through various funding systems, including Band funding and supports for Inuit and Métis students, and provide advice about student loans and other government initiatives, as well as, possible funding for tutoring. Eyēʔ Sqȃ’lewen, in partnership with the College Foundation, also offers a number of awards to outstanding students and bursaries to students in need.

Cultural support - We understand that being away from home and culture can be challenging for many students. Some students may even just be beginning their journey of connecting with culture. Indigenous advisors are here to support you culturally, and ensure you have the best experiences on your educational journey.

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Indigenous Counsellor

Our Indigenous Counsellor, Sarah Adams will provide a safe space where people feel comfortable exploring their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of themselves as they navigate the world.

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Elders' Initiative

The Elders' Initiative program ensures that Indigenous students can benefit from the knowledge and guidance from important community members and provide support while they are away from their home communities, those identifying with their individuality and those that are just starting to explore their indigeneity. 

Elders' Initiative provides Indigenous students with access to more traditional mentoring and counselling, crucial to helping students be successful in their studies.

Elders who come and sit in our main office have helped us have a calm and peaceful presence for students in times of stress and anxiety. I have enjoyed their presence in various activities as a means of staying grounded with difficult topics being shared. Elders also help staff to remember the work we do is important and meaningful, especially when we’re stressed and stretched so thin that we forget this.

Sekwan Wabasca, Advisor

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