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If you need to provide another institution with a detailed course syllabus from a previous semester or year, you can find it here.

Camosun College now refers to previously titled course outline(s) as course syllabus(syllabi). 

What is the difference between a syllabus and an outline?

Course syllabus

Distributed at the start of the term, the course syllabus provides the student with instructor details, class meeting time(s) and location(s), intended learning outcomes, required materials and textbooks, schedule of assignments, and assessment methodology. Serves as the official agreement with the student, and any changes once the term begins require approval from the Chair and the consent of the learners.

Course outline

The master course information document includes a description of the main content, logistics, and expected learning outcomes of a course, as well as the number of credits awarded, hours of class time, and grading system used. Approved by Education Council.

How to read the file names

How to read a Course Outline File Name

Archive for 2022 to 2024

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Psychology (PSYC)

Public Administration (PADM)


Religion (REL)

Course syllabi prior to 2022

This directory sorts course syllabi by your School or Centre > academic year > semester > subject code > course name and instructor.

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