On-Campus Computer Labs

Both Camosun campuses have computers available for student use in the Library Learning Commons. The Lansdowne campus also has student computers in the General Purpose labs.

You can chat with student tech support Monday–Friday, from 8 am–4 pm.


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General Purpose (GP) labs

General Purpose labs are located at the Lansdowne campus in the Ewing Building (E 100, E 110, E 112, E 115 and E 200) and in the Library Learning Commons.

General Purpose lab hours

  • Mon-Thurs: 8am-10pm
  • Fri: 8am-9pm

The Library Learning Commons computers are available during library hours.

CBA Computer Lab Availability

The Centre for Business and Access Computer Lab (CBA 276) is available most days for student use, except during stat holidays and Christmas break. The lab is open from 7:30am to 10pm. Please check the lab schedule, as there may be the rare booked class.

Lab assistance

If you need computing help, ITS Technologists are available during open hours in Ewing 103 and LACC 238, or via phone 250-370-3064, email or chat.

Available software

All General Purpose lab computers run Windows 10 with the following standard software:

Web browsing

  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Office

Office 2021 Professional Plus

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Access
  • LibreOffice

Course-specific software is installed for Astronomy, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computing, Environmental Studies, Math/Statistics, Nursing Physics and Psychology students. Other course-related software is available; please speak with the Instructional Technologists for more information. Due to software licensing restrictions not all software is installed on all computers.

Technologies labs

Laboratory Access Card Information For Room Access in the Technologies Centre


Labs are open

  • 7am - 10:30pm Mon - Fri   
  • 8am - 10:30pm Weekends
  • Closed Holidays

Lab location: TEC 152

For assistance or questions on card access to labs you can 

Issue with a Lab computer - Service - Lab Computer - Report an Issue (teamdynamix.com)

Lab Orientation

Labs are open DAILY with the exception of holidays and other days the college is closed. Your card has been programmed to allow access to ONLY the specific labs you will be using. Your timetable will indicate the labs you will have access to for your courses. You will also have access to the front and rear doors of the Technologies Centre.

Access to labs is a privilege. You are personally responsible for the use of your card.

Access will be revoked if you abuse the privilege by allowing unauthorized persons access to the labs and/or conduct yourself in an inappropriate manner. Our security system is tracking your lab usage each time you enter a lab.

Your Camosun ID card can be obtained at the College library at either Interurban or Lansdowne campus.

You are asked to retain your Camosun ID card once issued.

Your lab access privileges will automatically be re-instated in time for semester/quarter dates once registration has been confirmed.

The Camosun ID card, while providing lab access, also provides other benefits to registered students. Please refer to the library handouts, issued with the card, for benefit information and conditions of issue and use.

A fee will be charged to replace cards. Visit the library to request all card replacements.

The card remains the property of Camosun College. Do not damage or alter the card in any manner. The card is non-transferable and can only be used by the person named and pictured on the card.

Live Chat

Online chat is normally available from 8am-4pm, Monday through Friday


JavaScript is required for chat.