Accessible Camosun Committee

The college-wide committee includes representatives from across the college and involves persons with disabilities.

Message from Dr. Lane Trotter, President of Camosun College

Accessible campuses, education and services are critical to ensuring students and employees at Camosun College succeed and thrive. The new Strategic Plan 2023-2028 highlights our commitment to breaking down barriers, however, in order to remove them we need to know what specific obstacles are in the way.

Personal and observed experiences, recommendations and feedback are needed to move forward in a good way. In particular, we want to hear from people with disabilities.

While progress has been made in removing barriers, there is still work to be done. We remain committed to social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion and the work underway to engage with students to ensure we are developing learning opportunities that meet the needs of a diverse community.

Only by listening and learning from the college community will be able to make a lasting impact that benefits everyone.

Message from the committee

August 31, 2023

Doing good work together. That is the intention of the Accessible Camosun committee.

We come together from across the college, bringing diverse expertise, perspectives and lived experiences. We share the common goal of enhancing accessibility for persons with disabilities —students, employees, our community partners and guests.

This committee fulfills the legislative requirements of the Accessible British Columbia Act. For us it’s more than compliance, this work is about being part of important societal change, to build communities where persons with disabilities participate fully and equally.

As a committee we have important work ahead. A key priority for us is to strengthen this committee. We look forward to students joining us in this work, and to ensure other key voices are at our table.

Everyone has a role in ensuring the college is accessible to persons with disabilities. We want to engage the community in our work, and welcome your ideas and suggestions.

Committee members

Ian Tol (Chair), Facilities Services & Campus Development

Jenny Dueck (Support), Facilities Services & Campus Development

Clifton Dildy, Information Technology Services

Darryl Gorrie, Centre for Accessible Learning

Dranna Andrews-Brown, Office of the Registrar

Evan Hilchey, Student Affairs

Peter Moroney, Strategy, Planning and Transformation

Heather del Villano, Faculty and Staff

Tehmina Khwaja, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Stacey Gabitous, Communications & Marketing

Sheldon Charlie, Student

Jeanne Puritch, Faculty and Staff

Richard Doucet, Eyēʔ Sqȃ’lewen

Shannon Craig, Facilities Services & Campus Development

Sue Doner, Centre for Excellence in Teaching & Learning