Accessibility at Camosun

Inspiring life-changing learning. Accessibility is central to Camosun’s vision.

Inspiring life-changing learning

The college’s vision highlights the partnership between learner and facilitator and places learning, in all its forms, as a challenge to the status quo. The vision of inspiring life-changing learning gives guidance to all that we do, creating a learning environment where an individual’s hopes and dreams are realized. This is what accessibility is about.

The college’s strategic plan activates this vision. Four priorities of this plan reflect the principles of accessibility:

  • Strengthening the Camosun Advantage
  • ÍY,ĆANEUEL OL: Doing Good Work Together
  • Responding to Community Needs
  • Advancing Social Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

A community development approach to policy framework

The college’s policy framework is grounded in a community development approach. This approach seeks collaboration and engagement to ensure policies meet the needs of the community. In 2019 the college approved its first Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policy. Accessibility for persons with disabilities is a key feature of that policy. The Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities was adopted in 2020. This policy defines the responsibilities of students, instructors and staff in ensuring accommodations are made and met.

Inclusive teaching practices and support services

Camosun instructors play a pivotal role in creating an accessible learning environment. Instructors want students to succeed. Generations of Camosun students with disabilities have benefited from thoughtful, inclusive teaching practices.

Students with disabilities are supported by the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL). In 2023 1,530 Students registered with CAL and received a range of supports and a coordinated approach to their accommodations. In collaboration with CAL, The Dr. Lloyd Morin Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) provides resources, tools and training in support of instructors adopting the principles of universal design for learning.

Accessible and welcoming spaces

The Facilities Services & Campus Development department builds and maintains accessible and welcoming spaces. Recent capital projects, such as the Centre for Health and Wellness, put a priority on accessibility. And, through renovation and refurbishment, barriers inherent in the older built environment and public realm are being removed.

Safe and accessible work environment

Human Resources supports employees to thrive in a safe and accessible work environment. Employee health and well-being is a priority for the department. Ability Management Specialists work with employees to establish necessary workplace accommodations. The Healthy Together program provides resources and development opportunities for employees. Human Resources staff support supervisors and managers in implementing equitable workplace practices.

Commitment to accessible communities

Camosun’s commitment to accessible communities is also reflected in its educational programming. Health and Human Services programs prepare students for community-based careers, where an understanding of accessibility is necessary. Access programs, notably College Preparation, Academic Upgrading and Education Training and Preparation give persons with disabilities an educational pathway to meaningful employment.


College departments that enable accessibility


An outdoor wide angle photo of the Lansdowne campus main walkway.

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