Accessibility Action Plan

This plan sets the immediate priorities for Accessible Camosun. An updated plan will be released by September 1, 2026.

Priorities and goals

The Accessible Camosun committee provides oversight to ensure priority areas are addressed. The committee collaborates with senior leadership to identify project leads and other resources.

Priority: Identify and remove barriers

Goal: Review results of the Fall 2023 website audit to identify priority areas for accessibility improvement to reach level AA of the current Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2 standard.

Goal: As part of ongoing policy review process, recommend priorities for new policy development and revisions to enhance alignment with Accessible Camosun principles. 

Goal: Establish a process to review and respond to feedback submitted from the Accessible Camosun website. Determine criteria for prioritizing work to eliminate the identified barriers. 

Goal: Implement the 2019 Campus Master Plan recommendation to conduct physical accessibility audits (built environments and public realm) of both campuses.

Priority: Leverage existing work to build awareness leading to cultural change 

Goal: Develop a framework for the Accessible Camosun Annual Report, including quantitative and qualitative measures.

Goal: Invite the Accessible Education Community of Practice and existing departmental accessibility committees to work with the Accessible Camosun committee to develop a protocol to align efforts.

Goal: Formalize existing practices by developing policy informed directives for hosting accessible events, creating accessible documents, accessible furniture and equipment requests, service standards, etc.

Goal: Create a task force chaired by the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Director, with representatives from Learning Services, Human Resources and Student Affairs to coordinate an educational awareness campaign about accessibility and disability for students and college employees.

Priority: Strengthen the Accessible Camosun committee

Goal: Confirm terms of reference and composition of the Accessible Camosun committee. Terms of reference will include accessibility options for participants. 

Goal: Confirm student participation in the committee, with guidelines for compensation, required time commitment, etc.

Goal: Create a brave and safe environment for the accessibility committee, through training and development opportunities and other team activities. 

Goal: Develop a committee communication plan to ensure the college community is aware of the committee and its work.