Entrance Awards and Bursaries

Awards and scholarships have various criteria that may include high grades and/or non-academic achievements, such as volunteerism. You may be nominated for an award by Camosun faculty or staff, or you may have to submit an application. Read the application criteria carefully!

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Entrance Awards and Bursaries

Entrance awards are given to outstanding students entering a full-time Camosun College credential program. All Entrance awards are adjudicated on a competitive basis.

Entrance bursaries are given to students entering full-time studies at Camosun College. Entrance bursaries are normally based on financial need and additional criteria.

Selection is based on academic standing or financial need and on additional criteria as outlined in the award-specific information. Other factors may be taken into consideration such as participation in school activities, community involvement and demonstrated leadership qualities. Where applicable, these additional criteria are listed under the award information.

Notification of awards

Only successful award and bursary applicants are notified.

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