Camosun's Brand Story

Your path to success.

Success isn’t one-size-fits-all

Over our 50+ years as a college, Camosun College knows that each student who comes to learn here has their own unique journey and your success will likely look different from everyone else’s.

We all need a path

For some, their paths will be filled with twist, turns and unexpected obstacles. For others, their path may be straight and smooth. No matter what your path, Camosun will walk beside you, with honour and respect, helping you through obstacles or cheering as you move out front and forge your own way. At Camosun, you can find a path that resonates deeply with your goals and aspirations.

“Your path to success” is your way to make a mark, to challenge yourself and to reach your potential. At Camosun, your education is a transformative force.


group of three students in discussion with laptop and textbooks in view

Your path to community.

Our name, inspired by the Lək̓ ʷəŋən word “Camosun,” means “where different waters meet and are transformed.” We live this spirit of convergence and evolution, offering an option where your individual path is celebrated within our diverse community. We honour the deep-rooted wisdom and traditions of all Indigenous cultures, essential to our collective story.

Our commitment to making Camosun a place where everyone truly belongs is unwavering. Our dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion enriches our community, making us all stronger and more connected. Every unique voice adds to the chorus of our collective story.

A young man in glasses and a sweatshirt leaning against a wall, looking relaxed and confident.

Your path to creativity.

Creativity is where imagination meets ingenuity, giving birth to original ideas and solutions. Creativity isn't confined to the realm of arts; it occurs in every classroom, lab, shop, and space at Camosun. From science and trades to business and health care, Camosun promotes individual originality and inventiveness in everything we do. In a world constantly evolving, your creativity can be about more than preparing for the world as it is—it can be about shaping it into what it could be.

Graduate in cap and gown and their supporter smiling at Convocation

Your path to opportunity.

Support and collaboration are the backbone of what we do at Camosun. Every step you take here is one step closer to your personal goals. Embracing opportunity requires courage and conviction, as it often demands stepping out of comfort zones and embracing uncertainty. Camosun is here to provide you with whatever guidance, help, or tools you need to open the doors of opportunity. With our emphasis on hands-on learning and our successful Co-op and internship programs you will have many opportunities to succeed.

Camosun College. Your path to success.

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