Paying Your Fees

Please note tuition and student fees can be paid using online banking.

Pay using online banking

Pay by the Fee Deadline to avoid the late fee.

Online banking agreements exist between Camosun and most major Canadian banks and credit unions. 


  1. Login to your banking website
  2. Select ‘PAY BILL’ (NOT E-Transfer)
  3. Identify ‘PAYEE’ as Camosun College
  4. ‘ACCOUNT NUMBER’ is your Student Number/myCamosun ID  e.g. C0###### (you must include the ‘C’)
  5. Follow the instructions to make a bill payment to Camosun College


  • It may take five business days for your payment to be reflected on your Camosun student file but don’t worry, if your transaction is time stamped before the deadline in PST, you won’t be responsible for any late fees. 
  • Should you experience any difficulties with your online banking, please call your bank’s customer service number.


We do not accept:

  • E-transfers
  • Credit cards for paying domestic tuition. 
  • Cash payments for all credit and non-credit tuition and student fees — no exceptions.

Why we don't accept all payment methods for tuition and student fees.

Sponsored students

If your fees are paid by a sponsor, a fully completed and authorized Student Sponsorship Approval Form must be submitted and received by Registration by the fee deadline.

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain a valid sponsorship for each term. You should be aware that some sponsor agencies may require a considerable lead time to provide sponsorship forms. Your sponsor(s) (companies, government agencies or others) will be invoiced by the College’s Finance Office after your registration is completed.

Sponsors should note that once a sponsored student has registered, they cannot avoid liability for fees or other amounts covered by the sponsor document without the College’s written agreement to sponsorship withdrawal.

Students sponsored by the Adult Upgrading Grant (AUG) should follow ministry guidelines.

International students

View fees and payment methods for international students.

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